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19. David Levithan, "Boy Meets Boy"
el_staplador wrote in queerlit50
I think four living authors in a row must be getting on for a record for me. (The next one is most definitely dead, but more on that later...)

Boy Meets Boy is unlike any other book I've read so far for this challenge. Partly it's the genre (teenage); partly it's the being by a living author and not being set in Italy. Rather, it is set in a high school in the United States of America, in a town that almost certainly does not exist, but, oh, wouldn't it be nice if it did?

The plot is in the title, to be honest, with yer obligatory dose of the course of true love, as ever, failing to run smooth. Boy meets boy, boy's friends create subplot, boy's ex creates misunderstanding, boy's friends create misunderstanding, tangled web unravelled, all ends happily. Just as you'd expect. All of this in the same happy la-la-land in which nobody bats an eyelid at the ensuing hilarity, just like chicklit.

And really the whole thing reminded me of nothing so much as chicklit, which is not to say that I didn't enjoy it; it just wasn't what I was expecting (though perhaps the bright blue cover with the title marked out in Love Hearts should have given me a clue).

All in all, a lightweight but nonetheless enjoyable read.


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