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15. Tove Jansson, "Finn Family Moomintroll"
el_staplador wrote in queerlit50
I never had the Moomins when I was a young'un, so this was all pretty much new to me. It took me a while to get my head around what was what and who was who. The pictures helped here.

Friends' testimonies have been mixed, ranging from 'whuh?' to 'Evil creepy hippoes! Nooooooo!'. I think I would have liked this as a child; certainly I like it now. It is about friendship and hospitality and travelling and taking adventures where one finds them - much like her books-for-adults, actually - and that pushes all the right buttons for me.

As I say, not part of my own childhood, but I could see myself giving it to one of my small cousins for a birthday, or having it on my hypothetical children's bookcase. Or re-reading it myself, come to that.

Down by the river he came upon Snufkin who was sitting on the bridge with his legs dangling over the water, his old hat pulled down over his ears.

'Hello,' said Moomintroll sitting down beside him.

'Hello to you,' said Snufkin, and went on playing.

The sun was up now and shone straight into their eyes, making them blink. They sat swinging their legs over the running water, feeling happy and carefree.

They had had many strange adventures on this river and had brought home many new friends. Moomintroll's mother and father always welcomed all their friends in the same quiet way, just adding another bed and putting another leaf in the dining-room table. And so Moominhouse was rather full - a place where everyone did what they liked and seldom worried about tomorrow. Very often unexpected and disturbing things used to happen, but nobody ever had time to be bored, and that is always a good thing.


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